Ooh next week’s challenge is also right up my alley. I always like the fantasy based challenges more than the creepy/horror based ones.

Aside from Aphrodite, this challenge was super disappointing.

And that Athena…at least with everyone else you could sort of guess who they were supposed to be even if you weren’t told, but with her you would have no clue.

Aphrodite wins, everyone else go home.

Horrible Medusa is horrible

Tonight’s Face Off is right up my alley. And while I get that if they didn’t throw in a slight creature aspect to the gods/goddesses, they might not have too much to work with outside of the head but as a mythology nerd it bothers me a tiny bit but I hope they can pull it off.

But the creatures that they supposedly slayed are super random. I mean Medusa and Athena sort of make sense in regards to the myth but everyone else is really random.

The right person won that Face Off challenge because that fish design was seriously the only good thing up there.


I seriously don’t get it at all. She had a sea horse mask. I just…what?


I liked this ice dragon more than the other. But he got it probably because of the wings and stuff. Why did none of these dragons have snouts?

Okay how is Chloe safe? Honestly. She basically just had a face completed, not even a whole head, just the face. And not only that, she made a sea horse. Not a dragon (not even a sea dragon), a sea horse. I don’t understand.

Yesterday’s Face Off was about dragons. YES!

I didn’t realize Face Off was back already



This is why I really like Face Off: Tate had to go to the hospital to get stitches in his finger, and everyone who had some extra time just stepped in and helped crack and clean out his mold and they even ran the first layer of latex. Everyone just helps each other out and that’s just beautiful.

I love this show.

I just love that everyone’s so nice to each other, seriously. There’s none of that petty, interpersonal drama bullshit and it’s so refreshing.

I think half of them missed the “whimsical” part of the challenge.

One thing I like about Face Off so much is that there’s so little interpersonal drama. Almost any drama revolves around whether or not something’s about to crack or if it’s not painted on time, etc. Not whether anyone’s “here to make friends” or not. And I love it.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen at all but no where near the extent of any other reality competition I’ve seen.